eBay Consignment Stores Will Sell Your Used Items for You

Published: 18th November 2009
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You have a closet full of old and used stuff like designer clothing, art objects, collectible miniature cars, books, and old magazines that you just don't know what to do with. You'd love to sell it all, but you don't know how to go about it. You've heard others talking about selling such things as cameras and photographic accessories, coins, computers, electronics gadgets, and estate jewelry. There's also some neat stuff in your attic, old musical instruments, sports equipment and a couple sets of golf clubs that you'd like to turn into cash.

You can sell it directly to people through online ads on eBay. Of course this sounds very simple, and technically it is. However you have to learn exactly how to do it. You'll need to get good photos of your items, and then there's the hassle of actually mailing or delivering the sold item to the buyer. Why not make use of a consignment company who will take all the responsibility off your shoulders?

You will be freed from all the worries of contacting people or opening an account to make the deals. The drop off stores work on the reasonable commissions that they charge you for doing all the things you don't have time for. Save your precious time and check out the local yellow pages or go online to search for a drop-off location near you. This is a fairly new phenomenon that is really catching on.

This fast growing service takes care of all the work needed to sell your unused goods and bring you some money for it. If you cannot drop off your items, in some cases they will come to you, take the whole lot, and give you a signed contract stating how much you will get if and when your items sell. Whenever they are sold on the online auction, you will get a portion of the proceeds excluding their commission.

Doesn't it make perfect sense to turn that used stuff into cash? Most people have things in their closets, attics and basements they haven't looked at in years. And the chances are the longer it sits there the less it is worth to someone else. Yes it's true the consignment company takes a portion of the payment for handling the sale for you. But the alternative is to get nothing or next to nothing for it if you just let it sit and collect dust.

Whenever you select a drop off store, you should check the ranking of the store, which denotes its popularity level and success rate. Examine the procedure of the auction and mark the quality of the descriptions and photographs of different commodities. Find out the arrangement to deal with specialty items or a rare collection. Be sure to discuss the minimum selling prices for rare products and collections that you are entrusting to them. And always get the agreed upon arrangement in writing before you proceed.

There are even a small number of premier drop off stores, who specialize in more valuable items such as designer clothes, jewelry and electronic gadgets. They provide satisfactory customer service, proper value analysis, assistance in auction, exhaustive descriptions, professional quality photography, and eBay listing and prompt shipping and quick payment.

Selling on eBay can be fast and easy using our New York consignment EBay store. We take care of promotion and shipping. No upfront fees. Call 773-525-SHOP - http://www.edropoffexpress.com

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